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28 Jan 2020

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StandingWhat is a trouser petticoat?

A trouser petticoat to wear inside your normal trousers, the Dixies trouser slip will improve feel and appearance and is perfect to wear under any sort of trousers. Warm in winter under tweed, wool and heavier winter fabrics - cool and comfortable in summer under denim, cotton or linen. No more tugging or scratchiness - just a lovely silky smooth feeling against the skin made out of a fabric that moves as comfortably as you will.

Whatever the fabric of your trousers, Dixies trouser slip will make you look stylish and smart.

Extremely easy to wear. No zips or buttons - just soft elastic at the waist, and designed to be smooth over the tummy, so they look nice. Silky legs feel comfortable all day long.

Made of 100% polyester for a gentle, light and luxurious feel against your skin and no clinging. Very easy to wash - just pop in the washing machine and they’ll come out each time as good as new.Your trousers will hang better, look better and feel better.

Available in black or cream to match any pair of trousers.

The Trouser Slip - Comfort and Elegance. Available in sizes Small (10-12), Medium (14-16), Large (18-20), colours Black or Cream.

Price £17.99 plus £3.00 P&P in UK/£5.50 P&P Overseas

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